How to Treat Stuffy Nose in Babies

Published: 03rd October 2011
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3- Use Q- tips.

If there are still stubborn bits that got stuck inside, use a Q-tip to wipe away the remaining obstruction. Do this as long as the bits are near the entrance of the nose. Don't let the Q-tips stay inside the nose for a long time since it can cause damage and might hurt your baby. When a stuffy nose is brought about by a cold or flu, give your baby a vapor bath. Bring her into the bathroom and close the door tight. The steam from the shower can help loosen phlegm and open up nasal passages.

A stuffy nose in infants can also be caused by allergies. Maybe your child has developed an allergy. Keep a hat on when you notice her nose is starting to get stuffy. This usually happens when the weather outside is cold. Allergies are very common among infants so bring it up the next time you visit her pediatrician so proper test can be done. When an allergy is identified, you will then be given by her doctor the most appropriate medication for a baby her age. Remember to not give your own brand of remedy without the doctor's approval.

When babies experience stuffy nose at the onset of colds symptoms, it can be an irritating experience for them. For one, babies cannot communicate what is wrong with them, much less, point out what it is that ails them. Thus, stuffy nose must be treated immediately to avoid further complications. And because of this condition, the baby has no option but to breathe in the mouth, which might cause him or her to become dehydrated. During this time, ensure that you give your baby lots of water or fruit juices.

Good thing is there are a lot of available home remedies for such situations that even babies can endure.

Use saline water. There are available saline solutions in drugstores, but you can make your own as well. All you need is to prepare a half-cup of warm water and one-fourth teaspoon of table salt and mix them well. Put a small drop of the saline solution in the baby's nose using a sterilized medicine dropper and gently massage the baby's nostrils.

Use steam. Vapor bath is one of the most popular remedy for stuffy nose that mothers administer to babies. The steam loosens the phlegm around the nasal cavity, thus, making it easier or the infant to breathe. Steam breathing is another option although in some babies, this makes them more irritable and ill-tempered because of the heat on the face. Either of the two works well for babies, so, just choose the option that is easier for your baby.

Use a suction device. You can also use a suction device to remove mucus from your baby's nose, which are mostly available in drugstores. Preferably, you should get the one-piece rubber bulb-type device especially designed for babies. Insert the rubber bulb into the baby's nose and gently squeeze the device. Do the same thing to the other nose. This may be very uncomfortable for your baby, thus, it is recommended that when you do this, ensure someone is there to assist you while your baby cries or moves a lot.

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